Tuesday, May 26, 2009


SOMEBODY SAVE ME FROM THE TERROR OF EXAMS!!! 2day was veli boring in skool,evrytime after exam go sleep,siens *skip* rite now I am crammin alll my geo n sejarah notes for the sake of gettin gud results,well like they say,no pain,no gain...,looks like I'm up for an all nighter revision course 2day,well...better get back 2 hittin the books...


Thursday, May 14, 2009

S.H.U.F.F.L.E. P.K.

After skool,I went home 2 shower,without eatin,Im off 2 my practise my shuffle as usual,I was happily showin off my skills when suddenly a malay fella like 17 years old challenge me 2 PK,I wanted 2 record it but my fone out of battery ==,so he started 2 shuffle n it attracted a lot of ppl,I was like oh damn...he was good,(PK is a showdown where the spectators will judge n c whose the winner thru votes) so it was my turn,heart beatin very fast dat I could juz pass out,so I gave it wit evrytin I got n guess wad??? I won!!! the crowd was all clappin n shoutin like mad espescially the girls xD,so I went home with the respect of ppl in my hse area, n oso sprained my ankle cuz I didnt strecth n had 2 use my 2 frens as crotches...swt...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Another day gone...

I woke up at 6 am as usual,at 6.30 i left 4 skool,I arrived n started 2 talk 2 Wai Loon n the gang,after the bullshit perhimpunan,We had Mr.Roberts class,I 4got 2 bring my grammar book for the 4th week in a row but Mr.Robert didnt seem 2 care....0.o After dat we went to the library for Geo,thnk God Miss Lee didnt come cuz i 4got 2 bring my books,hehe =p,then we had another boring lesson of KH with PUAN JASBEER sittin at the back 0.o After rehat,the whole class knew ddat Puan Mariani didnt come,woohoo!!! =) Another 2 periods in te cooling library,n so in the library,me,Deric n Dave started rating girls from all the classes,hehe...n than we had another 2 periods in the library cuz our sivik teacher wanna teach us in the AV room,in there was even better,Jern Wei n the gang couldnt stop calling Jeremy 'Penan',it was so funny but eventually they paid a heavy price for it,then when teacher called us 2 read the text silently,Jansen started 2 creek the table,haha,then evry1 followed,after dat we had maths,the teacher so rajin man,waitin for us outside the class 0.o...Another boring lesson but it went quite fast cuz i was half asleep in class,heh...xD

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Day at Times Square

I woke up at like 10.30 am n lazily walked 2 my bathroom 2 be suprised dat my sis was usin it 0.0
So after waitin,I finally got 2 use the toilet...Lawl..So I was suppose 2 meet Joo n Niick at Pavillion first...I reached there n found out dat he wanted me 2 go to the cinema 0.0 So I arrived there n we went to KFC 2 grab some lunch...Niick wanted my wedges but I 4got 2 giv him n ate the whole thing...swt...I've been told dat a fren of theirs is comin,n when he arrived he mistaken me for a form 5,wth...so we went to Times Square n went to the 9th floor n started shufflin...after drawing a lot of attention(plus the guards attention) we headed off to the CC n started playin DOTA...I got owned of cuz... The first thing we went out,a couple of guards halau'ed us cuz we did an illegal shuffle there n ended up on the streets,so the guys wnt home n I was left alone 2 wait for my sis who hasnt finish her shopping spree... 2 hrs later I finally got a ride home n on the same day at nite I got approved for joinin THL sweeet!!!


To all those people who has a youtube account,pls vote for Niick in this link.thnk you!!!